AML Policy

Welcome to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy of This policy is designed to outline our commitment to preventing and combating money laundering activities on our platform. Money laundering poses a significant threat to the integrity of the gaming industry, and BetWhale is dedicated to implementing robust AML measures to safeguard our platform from illicit financial practices. As a user of, it is important to understand the purpose, procedures, and safeguards detailed in our AML Policy.

Understanding AML

Purpose of AML

  • The primary purpose of AML measures is to detect and prevent the use of our platform for money laundering and other financial crimes.
  • BetWhale is committed to complying with international AML laws and regulations to maintain a secure and trustworthy gaming environment.

Regulatory Compliance

  • AML procedures are in accordance with global AML standards, including guidelines set by regulatory authorities.
  • BetWhale actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies to combat money laundering.

AML Processes

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

  • BetWhale conducts thorough customer due diligence during the account registration process.
  • Users are required to provide accurate and verifiable information, including identification documents, to facilitate the CDD process.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

  • EDD measures are applied to users posing a higher risk of money laundering.
  • Criteria for EDD include large transactions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and users from high-risk jurisdictions.

Transaction Monitoring

  • BetWhale employs advanced transaction monitoring systems to detect unusual or suspicious patterns of activity.
  • Any transactions deviating from the norm trigger further investigation and scrutiny.

AML Safeguards

Data Security

  • User data related to AML processes is treated with utmost confidentiality.
  • BetWhale employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access.

Third-Party AML Service Providers

  • BetWhale may engage third-party AML service providers to enhance the effectiveness of our AML measures.
  • These providers are selected based on their expertise, reputation, and compliance with data protection regulations.

Data Retention

  • AML-related data is retained for a specified period as required by AML laws and regulations.
  • Inactive accounts or users who have not engaged with the platform for an extended period may be subject to data deletion.

User Cooperation

Prompt Response

  • Users are requested to respond promptly to AML verification requests.
  • Timely cooperation expedites the verification process and ensures a secure gaming environment.

Document Validity

  • Submitted documents must be valid, legible, and unaltered.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the documents provided.

Updating Information

  • Users are obligated to update their account information promptly.
  • Changes in personal details, such as a change of address, must be communicated to BetWhale.

AML Compliance

Legal Obligations

  • BetWhale complies with all applicable AML laws and regulations.
  • This includes cooperation with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies when necessary.

International Standards

  • AML procedures at BetWhale adhere to international standards for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • We actively participate in industry initiatives to combat financial crime.

AML and Responsible Gaming

Protection of User Funds

  • AML measures are implemented to protect user funds from being used for illicit purposes.
  • Users can be confident that their funds are secure and used only for legitimate gaming activities.

Prevention of Fraud

  • AML verification helps prevent fraudulent activities, including identity theft and account manipulation.
  • Users can enjoy a more secure gaming environment due to stringent AML measures.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Account Suspension

  • Users failing to comply with AML procedures may face temporary or permanent account suspension.
  • BetWhale reserves the right to suspend accounts until satisfactory AML verification is completed.

Forfeiture of Funds

  • Funds in accounts pending AML verification may be temporarily frozen.
  • Upon successful verification, access to funds is restored.

Legal Action

  • Non-compliance with AML procedures may result in BetWhale reporting suspicious activities to relevant authorities.
  • Legal action may be taken in cases of suspected money laundering or other financial crimes.

Continuous AML Monitoring

Periodic Reviews

  • BetWhale conducts periodic reviews of user accounts to ensure ongoing compliance with AML requirements.
  • Users may be requested to update their information or undergo additional verification as part of these reviews.

Enhancements to AML

  • BetWhale continuously evaluates and updates AML procedures to incorporate technological advancements and regulatory changes.
  • Users will be informed of any changes to AML processes through platform notifications.


Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy of AML procedures are essential for creating a secure and responsible gaming environment for all users. By cooperating with AML requirements, users contribute to a safer online gaming experience.